This population thing

Everyone knows that the world we live in has problems; it is very rare that the U.S.A. and other counties can agree on any one of these problems. But, since the beginning of the 20th century the world has been aware of a universal problem. The world is overpopulated as it stands now and it is increasing so exponentially that if it doesn’t slow down we will be faced with an even larger problem in the near future. For example every year, humans add 90 million more to the world every year. People that know much more about his problem then I do have created a theory that will eventually solve this problem. This theory is The Theory of Demographic Transition and it goes like this. Stage One (1) exemplifies before the 20th century, during this time birth rates were much lower than they are today. Also, death rates were very high at this time. The fact that modern medicine was not available at this time is much to blame for these figures. Stage Two (2) takes place throughout the 20th century. This is a time of change for humans. With advances in medicine, this allows people to live longer and harnesses the ability to save many babies’ lives that would have died in the past century. The third and final stage of the theory is where we should be during the 21st century. Death rates still stay low but birth rates should be declining as much to be considered as low as well. This theory will eventually modernize the world for a better future for everyone.

As with people that agree with this theory and believe it will at the least, help with future population problems; there are also those that disagree with this theory. Many people in the middle-eastern countries do not believe in this theory and will most likely never follow it. They have their reasons for example, religion. Some religions preach that you should have as many children as God wants you to.  Also there are people that could easily see if this theory is put into action that it would be granting governments too much power to control our personal lives so directly.

You may ask how do we achieve this goal of lower birth rates and keep the living alive as long as we possibly can? It’s really quite simple more family planning needs to be taught to the younger generations and lesser-developed countries. Luckily we live in a country that is more developed than many others and is able to suggest birth control, even though it seems to not work more than it does. As for the older generation side of things we really don’t have to change much at all, we sit at roughly the 33rd ranked country for overall life expectancy. This seems low but the rankings only differ between a year or two to the top spot.

I think that you can see how beneficial this theory is and how it can easily show people of the world how to begin helping this problem of population we are all faced with. We need to make more people aware of this problem and show them that this theory needs to be put into place.


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